H11 Premium LED Dipped beam fanless bulbs. 5 Year warranty. Canbus Compatible


Our premium LED headlight kit, this model comes with a 5 year warranty and offers the brightest light we have to offer. 

The light output to be expected from this kit is significantly more than halogen type bulbs, with this kit using a heatsink base to cool and disperse the heat generated by the LED chips. Using a heatsink rather than a fan gives a more reliable kit. 

Fully error free, this kit will be a plug and play fitment into your vehicle. This kit comes with a resistor to prevent dashboard errors. This should be mounted outside of the lamp unit, as it gets hot.

With LED Headlights, the base to the bulb will be bigger. To prevent this fouling on the cover to the back of your light unit, we offer replacement rubber covers which are deeper than the originals. These can be found here Rubber covers

  • 12V
  • 50w 
  • 6000k colour temp

5 years


Standard delivery 2-5 working days, with fast delivery options available at checkout

What's included

A pair of Fanless LED Headlight bulbs

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