Audi A6 2005 - 2009 HID Kit. Dipped beam


This listing is for a complete kit, with any required fitting adaptors for dipped beam headlights. The kit dispatched will be canbus error free.

  • Up to 300% brighter than standard halogen bulbs
  • 12 month warranty
  • Average 3200 hours lifespan
  • Kit is complete with bulbs and ballasts
  • Free tracked delivery

AC HID Kit:          Similar to the basic DC kit, however this kit will be supplied with AC ballasts. AC kits provide a better power supply to the bulb, and so prevent any flickering or dimming of the lights with power fluctuations. Generally the quality of light produced from an AC kit is better than that of a DC.

Reflector bulbs:       Reflector bulbs are designed for vehicles without projector lenses. These bulbs will prevent the light scattering and dazzling other road users, and give a better beam pattern on the road.