APAutostyling premium AC HID Kit


Our premium AC HID kit, offering the brightest light possible from a 35w kit. 

This kit comes with an 18 month warranty, and offers the best compromise of bright light, whilst still having a lower powered kit so you don't risk damage to your headlights. 

Our metal AC ballasts offer the best quality light possible, the metal casing prevents any water or damp ingress associated with cheaper kits, and the AC aspect to the kit allows for a more constant power supply to the bulb, preventing any of the slight flickering that can be found with the DC type ballasts on the market. 

If your vehicle produces dashboard errors, warning of bulb failures, a pair of canbus cancellers will be required. These can be purchased in the correct fitment at an additional £8 when bought with a kit here Canbus cancellers - Note that the discount to these will be applied at checkout.

With LED Headlights, the base to the bulb will be bigger. To prevent this fouling on the cover to the back of your light unit, we offer replacement rubber covers which are deeper than the originals. These can be found here Rubber covers

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