APAutostyling Fan cooled LED Kit


This is our newest tested and launched headlight kit, offering a large improvement in the amount of light produced from your headlights, at an affordable price and still with a two year warranty.

This kit utilises a fan to cool the bulb, which offers an effective way of keeping your bulbs from overheating if they're on for long periods of time. 


  • 12V
  • 50w
  • 6000k colour temp .

If your vehicle produces dashboard errors, warning of bulb failures, a pair of canbus cancellers will be required. These can be purchased in the correct fitment at an additional £8 when bought with a kit here Canbus cancellers - Note that the discount to these will be applied at checkout.

With LED Headlights, the base to the bulb will be bigger. To prevent this fouling on the cover to the back of your light unit, we offer replacement rubber covers which are deeper than the originals. These can be found here Rubber covers


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