H4-3 Hi/Lo HID Kits

  • Up to 300% brighter than standard halogen bulbs
  • 12 month warranty
  • Average 3200 hours lifespan
  • Kit is complete with bulbs and ballasts

All kits are available in either 35w or 55w, DC or AC and with either standard or canbus ballasts.

Basic HID Kit:     A basic HID Kit. Comes DC Plastic ballasts and bulbs  and with all Fittings required for installing. Note that some vehicles may require Canbus adaptors or addition fittings for cars with twist in/push in headlamp bulbs.

AC HID Kit:          Similar to the basic kit, however this kit will be supplied with AC ballasts. This prevents any flickering or dimming of the headlamp bulbs when in use.

Canbus HID Kit:       Modern cars will often trigger errors for bulbs failing with a xenon kit. In order to prevent this you will require a canbus compatible HID kit. 

35W / 55W:        All kits are available in either 35W or 55W. By opting for a 55W kit you will get a much brighter light.

If you require fitment or compatiability advice please contact us!

Also available are matching sidelights and canbus adaptors for modern vehicles.

Please note, if a kit is out of stock we will always endeavour delivery within 3 weeks.